14 mai 2012

U.S. ambassador to Israel: U.S. plans to strike Iran ready/Haaretz

        U.S. plans for a possible military strike on Iran are ready and the option is "fully available", the U.S. ambassador to Israel said, days before Tehran resumes talks with world powers which suspect it of seeking to develop nuclear arms. "It would be preferable to resolve this diplomatically and through the use of pressure than to use military force," Ambassador Dan Shapiro said in remarks about Iran aired by Israel's Army Radio on Thursday. "But that doesn't mean that option is not fully... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2012

Al-Qaida-linked group says it was behind Damascus bombings

        A militant group with suspected links to al-Qaida on Saturday claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings that killed at least 55 people, and wounded 372 in the Syrian capital, Damascus. The group, which called itself Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant People, said in an online statement that the bombings on Thursday, which targeted a security building, were in retaliation for the regime's bombardment of residential areas in the country. "We tell this regime to stop its massacres of... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2012

Netanyahu: Iran must commit to halt all enrichment in upcoming nuclear talks

           After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finished celebrating the aftermath of the political bombshell that he had dropped on Israel by bringing in Kadima into the government, he freed up Wednesday to deal with a different bomb. On Wednesday afternoon, the prime minister met with European Union Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton, who arrived in Israel to brief Netanyahu on the preparations for the second round of nuclear talks with Iran, which are set to take place on May... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2012

Abbas 'ready for talks' if he sees positive signs from PM

             Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday he was ready to engage with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on a Middle East peace agreement if he proposes "anything promising or positive." Abbas, speaking to Reuters after Netanyahu announced a grand coalition that will strengthen the Israeli leader's hand, said Netanyahu had to realize that Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank were destroying hopes of peace and must cease. Abbas... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2012

Biden: Window closing for Iran diplomacy

            US Vice President Joe Biden declared Tuesday that the window had not yet closed on an Israeli military strike against Iran, but that the window for sanctions and diplomatic efforts to halt Tehran’s nuclear program would soon shut. Biden also stressed Israel’s right to take the action it sees necessary and that Israel’s security is a “fundamental national interest” of the United States, criticizing some in the American Jewish community for questioning the Obama... [Lire la suite]
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08 mai 2012

PM Netanyahu: Unity deal with Mofaz 'strengthens Israel

            Netanyahu, opposition leader to present deal bringing Kadima into 94-seat coalition, canceling elections to Knesset at noon; factions approve deal; Kadima tasked with leading c'tee on alternative Tal Law.Both Netanyahu and Mofaz convened their respective factions, which approved the unity deal. The PM informed Likud Knesset members that as part of the new coalition agreement, a new bill that would regularize the issue of haredi enlistment into the IDF will be tabled by... [Lire la suite]
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08 mai 2012

Yacimovich vows to lead opposition 'with energy, faith'

              Labor leader and soon-to-be opposition leader Shelly Yacimovich declared Monday night that her party would lead the opposition with "energy and with faith," after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu struck a deal with opposition leader Shaul Mofaz that will draw Kadima into the coalition. "We have been given a rare and important opportunity to head the opposition, and we will do so with energy and with faith," she said. "It is a covenant of cowards between... [Lire la suite]
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08 mai 2012

Mofaz and Kadima are the big winners in the surprise move

         The surprise maneuver by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leader of the Kadima party Shaul Mofaz to form a unity government and cancel September elections, announced early on Tuesday morning, left a number of winners and losers in its wake. Mofaz and Kadima are the big winners in the surprise move, which will enable them to rehabilitate the party in time for elections in October 2013. Kadima's Knesset members breathed a sigh of relief when the decision on Kadima entering into a... [Lire la suite]
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08 mai 2012

Kadima to join government

           Early elections averted as Likud, Kadima agree on unity government. Shaul Mofaz appointed deputy PM, to take part in key security meetings. Coalition to promote haredi draft. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Kadima Chairman Shaul Mofaz finalized the surprising unity agreement hours before the Knesset was expected to approve its own dissolution and set September 4th as the date of the next elections.
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07 mai 2012

Of the 130,000 registered Likud members, only about 9,000 are settlers/Haaretz

          Anyone who happened by the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds on Sunday for the "festive" opening session of the Likud party convention might have rubbed his eyes and wondered: Is this the National Union? Is this the Tehiya party come back to life? Or is it the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva? Hundreds of settler-types, men and women in skullcaps and kerchiefs of all sizes and colors, crowded into the hall and settled on the plastic chairs, leaving veteran party members no room to sit. Some of the latter... [Lire la suite]
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